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18 x 9-3/4 x 1-1/2 inches overall
"An artists' book about a middle-aged couple who find and keep a rhinoceros beetle as a pet. Leaves have alternating widths. Odd leaves measure 44 x 11 cm and are folded at the fore-edge. Three to six triangles created from folded, printed green and natural ganpi papers are randomly placed within each of these folded sheets. These triangles are held with friction only. The even leaves measure 44 x 44 cm and are printed and folded twice along the fore-edge to create actual and visual panels measuring 11 cm in width. The text is printed in two columns in the middle of the leaf, but folded to create two pages measuring 44 x 22 cm with text along the fore-edge only. The book is designed so that the odd leaves with the origami triangles are visible in the inner margins. The cover is two sheets of Katagami paper, dyed with persimmon juice, with a leaf of ganpi paper (printed in aubergine to match the endpapers) sandwiched between. A lengthwise slit of the Katagami paper in the center of the covers allows them to be folded in half lengthwise, and another slit along the spine allow the covers to open flat. The book is housed in a cedar box with a print of a rhinoceros beetle by Hanna Zeckau, drawn especially for the book, pinned to bottom of the box. The box has three printed labels adhered along the edges and the title silkscreened in gray on front board. The box opens by sliding the bottom section towards the viewer." (from WorldCat entry
Credit Line
Rosemary Furtak Collection, Walker Art Center Library
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