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No title (Suicide's last dance)

13-7/8 x 11 inches sheet
drawing of passed out girl on the ground; text reads "Suicides last dance. 15 kids dance-stepped out of the way- - boogie all night! The Girl most likely -to-do. The sophomore. Senior crush. In the prom of life. On champagne, cigarettes and quaaludes. Vice-principal Serix smelled her breath- - 'Beer!' - -like he'd pass out on the fumes...'Drink green beer, turn blue. My brand's Miller - -smooth,' Slurpy said. Servix went for a kiss- - 'CPR, you know.' Oh sure...'That'll wake her up..."Crash city. 'Sittin' pretty...pass 'er a doobie, someone...'...' I'll operate, I'm Dr. J M.D. O. G., I'll get 'er straight, O.D. the bitch - - One o' these is all she ordered- - one-hit wonder weed, guaranteed- - breathe?- - watch this shit - -watch her take a power hit, no shit- -c'mon, sick bitch- - this Bud's for you - -shit! - my skunk ain't good enough?! - - Fuck you!'...'Well pass the sucker along - -Let thelame sucker air- - if she's dead I'll take her share - -I'm not that stoned as her - -stoned dead burned - - but I'm gettin' there - mmm-it's like this: The sorry bitch forgot to inhale -- shit's too good fro her.' The band played Bachman-Turner Overdrive. 'Can I...bum one of 'er cigarettes off th', y'know, wasted chick, like...?...I mean, it's not like cigars, y'know - smokes - - ya gotta inhale..."
ink on paper
Credit Line
T. B. Walker Acquisition Fund, 1996
Accession Number
in pencil on reverse loer R "RaP 2486"