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vispoeologee; an anthology of visual literature

9-1/2 x 7-1/2 x 1-1/2 inches
The 2007 Winter Book is available in Deluxe, Standard and Chapbook editions, each designed by MCBA Artistic Director Jeff Rathermel. Printers Allison Chapman and Monica Edwards Larson used a variety of methods to reproduce the work, including letterpress, digital printing and relief printmaking. Binders and collaters arrived from across the artistic community, fulfilling the tradition of relying on volunteers for the final touches of another magnificent Winter Book. The original pieces from the poets have been reproduced using letterpress or digital printing. Included in the chapbook are a variety of tip-ins, fold-outs, centerfolds and inserts on a variety of paper: Mohawk Superfine, Niddigan, Bienfang parchment, black Bugra, lava red Tiziano. The chapbook contains at least one work from each of the Winter Book artists, as well as essays by the editors. The Standard Edition ($225), numbered 1 through 100 and signed by the editors, includes the Chapbook with a special relief-printed jacket on Italian patterned paper plus three supplemental folios, each 7” x 9”. All elements are housed in a custom archival phase box with string enclosure. Folio 1, She Says, is a limited edition print of Mathew Rucker’s visual poem, a striking, highly embossed letterpress black print on black Arches Cover. Folio 2 is a selection of John M. Bennett visual poems created using wood type and calligraphic letter forms, reproduced digitally in full color. Folio 3 contains reproductions of two scores by Scott Helmes: Incantation for 6 Voices and Alphabet Haiku for 3 Voices Simultaneously, accompanied by an audio CD recording of the works being performed. Walker copy is the Standard Edition.
letterpress, digital printing and relief print on paper
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Rosemary Furtak Collection, Walker Art Center Library
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