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Gender Tender

Choreographer Syniva Whitney and actor Will Courtney are the artists behind Gender Tender, an experimental performance project that prioritizes the transgender and non-binary experience in process and presentation. Started in Seattle in 2012, they relocated to Minneapolis in 2014. They've shown their work in duet and ensemble mode in Seattle at Gender Odyssey, On the Boards, the Seattle International Dance Festival, Yellowfish Epic Durational Performance Festival, Gay City Arts, Velocity Dance Center and more and have felt welcomed by the Twin Cities while showing work at Pleasure Rebel curated by Nastalie Bogira, 9x22 Dance Lab curated by Laurie Van Weiren, Patrick's Cabaret curated by Scott Artley and at Future Interstates curated by Hijack and the Body Cartography Project and more here in the Twin Cities.They will be instigating a pre-show unrehearsed improvisation at The Naked I: Self-Defined February 12–20, 2016 at Intermedia Arts and will premiere their latest full length performance, the duet Bent/Straight, at the Q-STAGE new works series also at Intermedia Arts in May 20–22, 2016. Both of these events are produced by the 20% Theater Company Twin Cities.