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Walker Reader

Jocelyn Hagen

Jocelyn Hagen (b.1980), a native of Valley City, North Dakota, composes music that has been described as “dramatic and deeply moving” (Star Tribune, Minneapolis/St. Paul). She is a two-time winner of prestigious McKnight fellowships in 2010 and 2014, and her first forays into composition were via songwriting, and this is very evident in her work. The majority of her compositional output is for voice: solo, chamber, and choral. In 2012 she collaborated with choreographer Penelope Freeh to create _Slippery Fish_, a quartet for two dancers, soprano, and viola, and the piece was reviewed as "completely original in all respects" (Star Tribune). Currently she is artist-in-residence at the North Dakota State University Challey School of Music, where she teaches, writes curriculum and brings in collaborators to perform her work.