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Walker Reader

Megan Odell

Megan Odell, co-Artistic Director and co-founder of Live Action Set, was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. After many vigorous performances of The Nutcracker in the family living room, she began her formal dance training when she was fourteen. The studio focused on Horton and Graham technique, so it was intense and she was hooked on performing. Megan moved to Minnesota to attend Macalester College, where she intended to major in International Studies… and never took a class in that department. Instead, she discovered theater and took the leap into combining it with dance. Since graduating from Macalester in 1995, she has worked with many local artists including: Laurie Van Wieren, Risa Cohen, Heidi Geier, Christopher Watson, John Munger, Deborah Jinza Thayer, The Scrimshaw Brothers, Skewed Visions, and Off-Leash Area. Megan is a company member of Matt Jenson’s New and Slightly Used Dance. She recently earned her MS in Traditional Chinese Medicine and now gets paid to take the pain away.