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Walker Reader

Olive Bieringa

Olive’s work focuses on the body both as an objective physical process and as a subjective lived experience through dance, film, installation, pedagogy and curatorial practice. Her site and context specific work investigates the physical resonance of space in urban, domestic, wild, technological and social landscapes. As co-director of the BodyCartography Project with partner Otto Ramstad, Olive has toured across the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Europe, Russia and South America. Their new project Super Nature premiered at the Walker Art Center in October 2012. Olive grew up in the art galleries and on the beaches of New Zealand. She trained with first and second generation Judson Church choreographers at the European Dance Development Center in the Netherlands and NYC and an MFA in Performance and New Media from Long Island University. She is certified teacher of  Body-Mind Centering®, shiatsu practitioner and is a DanceAbility® teacher. She has collaborated with numerous artists and has appeared in the work of choreographers Deborah Hay amongst others.