Side by Side: Collaborative Artistic Practices in the United States, 1960s–1980s
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Documentation of Asco performing for Agnès Varda’s film Mur Murs, 1980. Harry Gamboa Jr., Death of Fashion, 1980, printed 2015, chromogenic print, 16 x 20 in., edition of five. Courtesy of the artist. ©1980, Harry Gamboa Jr.

Side by Side: Collaborative Artistic Practice in the United States, 1960s–1980s, is the third volume of the Walker Art Center’s Living Collections Catalogue project. This volume is published in conjunction with the Walker’s Interdisciplinary Initiative (2016–2020), made possible by generous support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The Living Collections Catalogue is an ongoing series of publications—initiated in 2009 under the Getty Foundation’s Online Scholarly Catalogue Initiative—that presents unique archival materials, original interpretation, and scholarly essays on a variety of focused topics. With the release of each new volume, the Walker continues to experiment with the evolution of this hybrid form—the intersection of collections research with a printed catalogue and digital reading environment.


Gwyneth Shanks, Interdisciplinary Fellow, Visual Arts
Allie Tepper, Interdisciplinary Fellow, Performing Arts



Mary Ceruti, Executive Director
Olga Viso, former Executive Director
Mary Polta, Chief Financial Officer
Christopher Stevens, Chief of Advancement
Marla Stack, Director, Special Projects Fundraising


Simone Austin, Interdisciplinary Fellow, Visual Arts 
Doug Benidt, Associate Curator, Performing Arts
Philip Bither, William and Nadine McGuire Director and Senior Curator, Performing Arts
Vincenzo de Bellis, Curator and Associate Director of Programs, Visual Arts
Adrienne Edwards, former Curator at Large, Visual Arts
Siri Engberg, Senior Curator and Director of Exhibitions Management, Visual Arts
Molly Hanse, Department Administrator and Curatorial Assistant, Performing Arts
Henriette Huldisch, Chief Curator and Director of Curatorial Affairs
Danielle A. Jackson, Interdisciplinary Fellow, Performing Arts 
Fionn Meade, former Artistic Director
Pavel Pyś, Curator, Visual Arts
Gwyneth Shanks, Interdisciplinary Fellow, Visual Arts
Allie Tepper, Interdisciplinary Fellow, Performing Arts
Julie Voigt, Senior Program Officer, Performing Arts


Barb Economon, Visual Resources Librarian
Jill Vuchetich, Head Librarian/Archivist


Greg Beckel, Senior Imaging Specialist
Emmet Byrne, Design Director and Associate Curator of Design
Liz Rae Heise-Glass, Editor
Alanna Nissen, Design Studio Manager
Jasio Stefanski, Digital Designer
Andy Underwood-Bultmann, Media Producer


Jim Cuene, Director of Technology and Digital Strategies
Angela Ettawageshik, Senior Project Manager, Digital Media
Kenner Luoma, Front End Developer
Kevin Schenk, Web Developer
Wade Stebbings, Software Architect


C. Ondine Chavoya
Ross Elfline
Thomas Lax
Hillary Miller
Senga Nengudi
Wendy Perron
Gwyneth Shanks
Allie Tepper

ISBN 978-1-935963-21-9

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